My Top 2010 Albums and Stuff

I’m a few weeks late to the party…And although I haven’t typically done this in previous years, I’m feeling bored tonight and wouldn’t mind looking back on some of the cool stuff that was released in 2010 (Not including all of the great tunes recorded by friends in Madison). So enjoy another pointless list of good albums from last year:

10 – Four Tet – There is Love In You
Maybe it’s kind of strange that this is on the list, but I really dig Kieran Hebden’s music. Although this album didn’t hit me in the same way as Pause did a few years ago, I still found myself playing this a lot in the car. I wish I could sew samples together so beautifully.

09 – The Fresh & Onlys – Play it Strange
It seems like there is a lot of great music in San Francisco right now. It just makes me happy that there is still good guitar-driven rock being made. I can’t get enough of Waterfall and All Shook Up.

08 – Wild Nothing – Gemini
This Jack Tatum guy makes really nice songs. I was late to the bandwagon, but I’m glad I finally gave the album a listen.

07 – Tame Impala – Innerspeaker
On first impression, this sounded like a DJ Shadow + John Lennon mash up. (“It’s not meant to be” reminded me so much of Mutual Slump) Anyway, “I Don’t Really Mind” is my favorite tune here. The album is a bit long, but I don’t….reallllly minnnddd.

06 – Dum Dum Girls – I Will Be
I listened to it dozens of times this summer.

05 – Beach House – Teen Dream
Everyone is raving, and this was definitely on a bunch of best-of lists. They’ve just got a great sound.

04 – Ty Segall – Melted
More great SF jams. “Girlfriend” and “Mike D’s Coke” might be my favorite tunes on the album. I would like to see this guy play live.

03 – Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest
I wasn’t blown away by this when I first listened. I hadn’t even really listened to much Deerhunter since Microcastle/Weird Era, and then Logos, all of which I very much loved. I guess this one grew on me after a few spins, and now I can’t get enough of “Desire Lines” and “Sailing.” It is cool to hear Lockett sing on a few songs, which makes me wonder if and when new Lotus Plaza tunes will emerge.

02 – Women – Public Strain
I think that their first album was probably played 100 consecutive times in my car (that poor CD), so I was really excited when this was released. I never get tired of listening to this band. It’s a shame to hear about the big breakup, but hopefully they’ll work things out and continue making music. Anyway, this whole album is wonderful from beginning to end.

01 – Harlem – Hippies
Again, I was late to the game with this album, which I just got around to in November. I fell asleep listening to this on loop the first time I played it. I love that they’ve foregone the typical fuzz guitar jams for jangly reverb, and the vocals are unbelievable. Every song on this album is so good, I could go on and on about the things I love about each one. “Gay Human Bones,” “Tila And I,” and “Someday Soon” are my favorite songs right now.

Oh, lists. It feels weird to write all of this out. Here are some good things from previous years that I picked up or found in 2010 that maybe I should have obviously found a long time ago:

Chris Bell – I Am The Cosmos (’73-’75, Released 1992)  Why hadn’t I listened to this before!? duh.
Tom Verlaine – The Funniest Thing (Single) (1987) Kinda cool version of Marquee Moon.
Youngbloods – Rock Festival (1970)
The Shirts – (S/T) (1978)
Soft Machine – Seven (1974) Maybe not as good as their previous albums, but this was a good listen.
The Soft Boys – Underwater Moonlight (1980) Awesome find at Strictly Discs, a classic.
Blank Dogs – Waiting/Splitting (Single) (2009)  I know this dude puts out a ton of music, but I liked this 7″.

Hope you have a good weekend –



3 Comments on “My Top 2010 Albums and Stuff”

  1. Jason says:

    great list sir! I felt the exact same way about the tame impala album. it’s only 11 songs but it’s almost an hour long! still some great jams on there though. i just picked up the ty segall a couple of weeks ago, still getting to know it.
    all in all, a pretty good year.

  2. showalter! | says:

    […] wes posted his top ten albums. check it. This entry was posted in michael showalter, slow loris. Bookmark the permalink. ← […]

  3. love the fresh & onlys. great band who continuosly makes outstanding music.

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