Slow Loris | Real Drag

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So here are a bunch of rough recordings that have been sitting on my hard drive for a while. Most of this stuff was just made for no reason on bored nights to a drum machine. A lot of it doesn’t really fit into the sound of my typical I’ll just use this collection as an excuse for that outlet.

I guess there isn’t really a reason to put this stuff out, but I might as well share, even if a lot of it is junk. My apologies to Connie and Jason if I killed their songs in those covers! 🙂 Anyway, have fun!


7 Comments on “Slow Loris | Real Drag”

  1. […] of slow loris posted an album of outtakes, covers and demos over at his blog today. I was quite surprised when I found that amongst the 21 tracks was a cover of one of my old […]

  2. Jason says:

    freeeeking awesome as always.

  3. rememberyousmiling says:

    there is always a reason to put stuff out. thanks for posting this!

  4. tjteslik says:

    dude, i’ve been going through some of this stuff and there are so many nice little doodads! four? yes! and berman!!!

    the coney island cover is just great too. 🙂

    And rememberyousmiling is 100% right. Sounds great Wesley!

  5. […] Wes released a compilation of demos and other odds n’ ends called Real Drag.  It’s real good!!!  I like some of the short doodads like Berman, but also its cool to hear an early demo of Julie!  You can check it out and get it from his blog here. […]

  6. Metar says:

    Fantastic. ‘Automobiles’ is especially great, and the whole thing has something of a Deerhunter sound to it. Great.

  7. […] what to do with it and I ended up rerecording it for the cassingles project. Also there’s the Slow Loris cover as well, which is quite fantastic.. Here’s the original take.. This entry was […]

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