Music Update / B-Side Movie


Things are finally starting to progress on the next album, which I’m hoping to finish before moving later this summer. I don’t really know what to think of it yet, but have at least narrowed down the list of songs, and am excited to start working on music again.

On a side note, I’m also pretty excited about placing a couple songs (Wichita and Western Light) in this movie that’s debuting tonight at the Newport Beach film festival, called B-Side. It’s even got a Pavement song in it! Thanks to the music director, I had a chance to screen the film and it was really good. The cast was great. It was definitely a little weird to hear my songs in a film next to some legit good tunes, a la S. Malkmus, C. Tucker, and others, but fun nonetheless. In any case, I’m really thankful for the opportunity and hope whoever reads this gets a chance to see the movie sometime.

Here’s a link to the film’s website:


One Comment on “Music Update / B-Side Movie”

  1. blastedcody says:

    Are you going to be staying in Madison?

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